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Covid Antibodies Dropped after 2 Covid Vaccines, Regained 900% Covid Antibodies in 3 Weeks with FOL

Vincent Liaw was vaccinated twice with Sinovak's corona vaccine.

A Cuvid-19 antibody test performed after the second vaccine revealed that his antibody estimate was 0.96 - with the minimum index being 1.

This means that after 2 vaccinations it is difficult to find antibodies to Covid-19 in his body according to this antibody test.

After 3 weeks during which Vincent consumed 10-15 drops of the spring of life a day, a new antibody test was performed in which it was discovered that the level of antibodies to Covid-19 increased 9 times! Which are 900% increase in the amount of antibodies, and that his body is now much more resistant to dealing with the disease if he gets it.


Fountain of life is not a medicine but a natural antioxidant supplement, the most powerful in nature, 17 times stronger than flaxseed, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

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