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Q-Link transforms EMF to your body's in-tune natural frequencies | TODAY SHOW

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Throughout the years of using mobile phones

we've had devices that repel and shield us from radiation

they have been around us for ten years

and there are devices that keep the phone away from your ears

like Bluetooth headphones, products of this kind

this thing is meant to change the radiation that goes into the phone

and it's through the antenna signal on the phone

turn it into something that may harm you

for something more synchronized

with the natural frequencies of your body.

This is a very scientific idea.

it's not doesn't actually repel the radiation right away

from the phone or anything like that

it transfers it and so it's it sort of absorbs it through the

device into the phone into your body

and it's no longer doing your body harm, that's the idea

we're talking about what's hurting you

Radiation is not just anything that can cause cancer

It's about making your body feel more lethargic or tired

and in change, because it changes the types

of radiation to which your body is naturally exposed



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