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Sciatica and Menopausal Symptoms Gone with Fountain of Life

Mona suffered for about a year and a half from menopausal symptoms and sciatica.

She would wake up several times during the night soaked in sweat, so much so that she had to change clothes every time! 6 weeks after she started consuming the Fountain of Life she started to feel a change, the sweating diminished and she would wake up less often during the night.

After two and a half months with the Fountain of Life the change was so significant that she was able to sleep a continuous sleep without sweating.

Fountain of Life is also anti-inflammatory, and as a result also the inflammation associated with the sciatica from which she suffered was treated, and now she can sleep on either side of a good and full sleep.

The term "sciatica" describes a symptom - pain along the sciatic nerve pathway. Some people use this term to describe any pain that is projected to the leg and results from the lower back. Some use the term as a diagnosis of dysfunction caused by a compressed spinal or lumbar nerve root due to a herniated disc. The pain is most often felt in the bifurcation of the dermis and continues below the knee to the foot, and may call for neurological dysfunction such as circumcision or weakness described as a mine or an electric current spreading rapidly in the injured nerve.

Menopausal symptoms in women are characterized by a sharp drop in hormone levels, which results from an almost complete cessation of ovarian activity. Most organs in a woman's body contain and are affected by estrogen receptors, and a decrease in the level of hormones affects most of a woman's body organs. It is rare for a woman to suffer from all the symptoms, and there are women who do not suffer from any side effects at all.

Symptoms vary from woman to woman, in their mix and intensity, and may include:

Irregular cycle Heat waves

Increased sweating

Accelerated heartbeats

Vaginal dryness

Dryness, burning and pain during intercourse

Loss of interest in sex

Inflammation and other problems in the urinary tract or urination

Weight gain, usually due to fluid retention

Hair Loss

Hair growth in places that were not there before (facial area)

Mood swings nervousness

Anxieties depression

Sleep Disorders

Memory disorders, especially short-term memory loss


Feeling of pressure in the head and body

Feeling numb or tingling in the body

Feeling dizzy and fainting

Muscle and joint pain

Loss of sensation in hands and feet

Breathing problems tiredness lack of focus

Bone depletion (calcium leakage) heart diseases



Fountain of life is not a medicine but a natural antioxidant supplement, the most powerful in nature, 17 times stronger than flaxseed, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory.

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