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Sugar Indice Decrease and Swollen Prostate Recovery | Dr Shosh Navon

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Dr. Shosh Navon (87.5) shares her experience after using Fountain of life to which she became acquainted about a month and a half before her testimony, after suffering a fatal car accident that left her paralyzed in her left body and limited in vision, after using Fountain of life her health, vision and ability improved.

'First of all it made me feel good, and I felt I could do anything. There's nothing that can bother me.'

In addition, Dr. Navon says that she gave her caregiver, who suffered from a high sugar level, a bottle of Fountain of life for personal use, and that her sugar level dropped as a result of using it from 500 to 200 in a few weeks.

Dr. Navon also tells of her patient who suffered from a swollen prostate and even tried a pressure cell treatment, which after consuming the fountain of life this problem was also solved.


Fountain of Life is not a drug or a cure but a natural antioxidant supplement, the most powerful in nature, 17 times stronger than flaxseed, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.


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