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Q-link changes your reaction to EMF | Dr. Giora Dvir

The search for electromagnetic radiation protection (HF, WIFI, 3G, 4G, 5G) leads many to discover the Q-Link in the hope that this is what can protect them from this radiation.

The truth is that he does not protect at all by its definition.

Just as proper nutrition is not the protector when you are sick, but a process that builds and strengthens the body, and if you start it and maintain it when you are healthy, the chances of you getting sick significantly decrease. A strong immune system based on a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle will do just that.

So Q-Link is the same - for the nervous system.

It does not protect, it strengthens.

It amplifies the positive biological frequency (every living thing has one frequency or another, which has a positive pole and a negative pole) and thus, the stronger the positive frequency, the significantly less powerful the effect of toxic frequencies - hence the "protection" that comes from using it.

So what is its main use?

As mentioned - strengthening the positive biological frequency.

Sympathetic resonance amplifier.

Imagine that your body is transmitting healthy music - and you put in an amplifier.

Now you have healthy music - more!

Your body dances at a positive frequency - more! לרכישת מוצרי Q-link הצטרפו אלינו בטלגרם

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